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T-shirt Printing

New allows white printing simulating without white ink.

With dark T-shirts in vogue, impressions on the shirts need to be light colors. For printers, DTG using white ink requires pre-treating the shirts, using a costly printer that is always in need of repair, and high cost inks that require multi passes. The extra time required to print each T-shirt can be even more costly than the ink costs to print the finished product.

That is, until now.
Dave McClaskey, president of S&K Mfg. Inc.,, has developed a way for printers using all types of digital printing for T-shirts to print high quality “whites” on T-shirts without pre-treating or using white ink.
Sound impossible? It’s not.
McClaskey uses a “special blend cut” of fabric that is 20 percent bamboo and 80 percent cotton, which is very soft to the touch. The custom-made shirts come in black, red, olive, royal blue and navy blue.

“With this process, the guy without a white-ink printer can simulate printing white ink,” McClaskey said. “This process also works with heat transfers, silk screeners and vinyl printing.”
McClaskey said his process will soon work with polyesters, so dye-sublimation printing can also be used.
U.S. patents are currently pending for the shirts, and process. is offering its new shirts in cases of 72, along with instructions for printing and all materials needed to print dark T-shirts without white ink. Sizes run from SM to XL, plus 2X to 5X.
For more information, contact Dave McClaskey at or call 1-800-764-8688.


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